It provides excellent grip, durability, and stability, making it suitable for various types of court surfaces.

Oxford Cloth

Durable, breathable, and versatile fabric with a soft feel.


Canvas is a sturdy and durable material commonly used for making sports bags, providing high durability and waterproofing capabilities.


Stretchable and flexible fabric that provides ease of movement during workouts.


Strong and abrasion-resistant fabric with quick-drying properties for active wear.


5.Durable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking fabric ideal for sports activities.

Polymer Composite

It offer a perfect balance of durability and flexibility, providing players with enhanced control and responsiveness on the court.

Carbon Fiber

3.It offers exceptional strength and stiffness while maintaining a lightweight design, enabling players to generate power and precision in their shots.


2.Wood used for making Pickelball paddles are known for their lightweight and natural feel, providing players with excellent control and maneuverability.


Pickelball is typically designed with perforations to reduce air resistance and provide better ball control performance.


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