Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Integrated Handle Pro

Item Number: MNV-Pickleball Paddle-005

Type: Pickleball Paddle

Material: Optional

Color: Optional

Size: Regular or customized

Package: 1 pcs/opp bag or box, can be customized

MOQ: MOQ for Available: 50 pcs, Custom: 5000 pcs

Sample time: 15-25 days after the sample charge

Delivery Time: 40-50 days after customer confirm the order

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Carbon fiber pickleball paddle refers to a paddle used in the sport of pickleball, crafted primarily from carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber offers exceptional strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, ideal for enhancing performance on the court. These paddles are designed to provide players with superior power, control, and maneuverability during gameplay. The use of carbon fiber ensures that the paddle can withstand the rigors of intense play while delivering consistent and reliable performance, making it a popular choice among pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Size Custom
Material Polymer, Composite, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Wood, Titanium, Polypropylene, Honeycomb etc.
Grip Material Rubber, Tacky, PU, Synthetic, Leather, EVA Foam etc.
Handle Length Standard, Extended, Short
Use Recreational, Competitive, Professional

Product Specific – Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


Crafted with a robust TPU material, the carbon fiber pickleball paddle frame ensures remarkable durability and resilience, enduring the demands of rigorous gameplay for prolonged periods. Its sturdy construction strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and strength, enabling players to unleash powerful shots with precision and control on the Pickleball court. Furthermore, its abrasion-resistant properties extend the lifespan of the racket, making it an excellent choice for players seeking enduring performance and reliability from their equipment.


The carbon fiber pickleball paddle features a polypropylene honeycomb core, known for its exceptional combination of strength and lightness. This core material provides players with a crisp hitting sound and unparalleled feel upon contact with the ball. The honeycomb structure not only enhances the paddle’s durability but also contributes to its excellent power and control properties. Whether executing powerful drives or delicate dinks, players can rely on the paddle’s polypropylene core to deliver consistent performance and responsiveness on the pickleball court.


Equipped with a soft PU grip handle, the carbon fiber pickleball paddle ensures a comfortable and secure hold during intense gameplay. The PU material offers a plush feel, minimizing the impact on players’ hands upon striking the ball. Additionally, the soft grip enhances the paddle’s friction, allowing players to maintain a firm and controlled grip during volleys and smashes. This ergonomic handle design not only promotes a more stable and powerful swing but also reduces hand fatigue, enabling players to maintain peak performance throughout extended matches.

Application of Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

1.Precision Control:Experience precise control over your shots with the carbon fiber pickleball paddle. Its lightweight design and balanced construction allow players to maneuver the paddle with ease, ensuring accurate placement of shots during rallies. Whether you’re executing dinks, drives, or smashes, this paddle provides the responsiveness and finesse needed to dominate the court.
2.Powerful Strikes:Elevate your game with the powerful strikes enabled by the carbon fiber pickleball paddle. Engineered with advanced materials and a responsive core, this paddle delivers exceptional power and speed behind every shot. Whether you’re delivering thunderous smashes or executing precision drop shots, this paddle empowers you to unleash your full potential on the pickleball court.
3.Versatile Performance:Experience versatile performance across all aspects of your game with the carbon fiber pickleball paddle. From baseline rallies to net play, this paddle excels in every situation, offering a perfect blend of control, power, and maneuverability. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned pro seeking to elevate your game, this paddle is your ultimate companion for success on the pickleball court.

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