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Item Number: MNV-Pickleball Paddle-012

Type: Pickleball Paddle

Material: Optional

Color: Optional

Size: Regular or customized

Package: 1 pcs/opp bag or box, can be customized

MOQ: MOQ for Available: 50 pcs, Custom: 5000 pcs

Sample time: 15-25 days after the sample charge

Delivery Time: 40-50 days after customer confirm the order

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Custom pickleball paddle refers to a personalized pickleball paddle designed according to individual preferences, including custom graphics, grip size, weight, and materials. These paddles are tailored to meet the specific needs and playing style of players, offering enhanced performance and comfort on the pickleball court. Customization options may include choosing the paddle’s core material, surface texture, handle shape, and overall design. Players can personalize their paddles to suit their skill level, playing techniques, and aesthetic preferences, making them ideal for both recreational and competitive play.

Size Custom
Material Polymer, Composite, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Wood, Titanium, Polypropylene, Honeycomb etc.
Grip Material Rubber, Tacky, PU, Synthetic, Leather, EVA Foam etc.
Handle Length Standard, Extended, Short
Use Recreational, Competitive, Professional

Product Specific – Custom Pickleball Paddle


With custom pickleball paddles, you have the freedom to personalize the surface design, colors, and add logos according to your preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant patterns, sleek minimalist designs, or personalized branding, these paddles allow you to express your unique style on the pickleball court. Choose from a wide range of color options and graphics to create a paddle that reflects your personality and stands out on the court. Adding your logo enhances the paddle’s identity and can also be a great way to showcase team spirit or sponsorships.


The custom pickleball paddles feature UV printing technology, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting graphics that resist fading over time. UV printing offers superior color accuracy and durability compared to traditional printing methods, making it ideal for sports equipment subjected to rigorous use. Whether you’re playing in bright sunlight or under indoor lighting, the paddle’s graphics remain bright and vivid, enhancing visibility and adding a touch of style to your game. Enjoy the assurance that your customized designs will maintain their vibrancy and clarity, even after countless hours of intense gameplay.


The custom pickleball paddle is engineered with a PP honeycomb core and a fiberglass face, combining durability and power for optimal performance on the court. The PP honeycomb core provides lightweight yet robust construction, offering excellent strength and longevity to withstand intense gameplay. Paired with the fiberglass face, the paddles deliver enhanced power and responsiveness, allowing players to execute shots with greater force and precision. Whether you’re smashing, dinking, or blocking, these paddles offer the perfect balance of strength and control, ensuring a competitive edge in every match.

Application of Custom Pickleball Paddle

1.Tournament Performance: The custom pickleball paddle is designed for competitive play in tournaments and leagues. Its high-performance materials and customizable features allow players to fine-tune their equipment to match their playing style and preferences, giving them a competitive edge on the court. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to improve, these paddles offer the performance and versatility needed to elevate your game and dominate the competition.
2.Training and Practice: Beyond tournament play, the custom pickleball paddle is also ideal for training and practice sessions. With its durable construction and customizable design, players can focus on refining their skills and technique without worrying about equipment limitations. Whether you’re working on your serves, volleys, or dinks, these paddles provide the consistency and reliability needed to enhance your performance and take your game to the next level.
3.Recreational Play: In addition to competitive play and training, the custom pickleball paddle is perfect for recreational players looking to enjoy the game with friends and family. Its customizable features allow players to express their personality and style while enjoying the sport they love. Whether you’re playing casually at the local park or organizing friendly matches with fellow enthusiasts, these paddles offer the perfect blend of performance and fun for players of all skill levels.

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